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In Safe Hands Childcare
Rural Childminder near Frome
Policies and Procedures

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

Safer Recruitment

Children’s Rights and Entitlements

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection (including use of mobile telephones and Cameras)

Arrival and Departure (Including Uncollected Children)

Missing Children

Visitors to My Home

Childcare for The Over Eights

Overnight Care

Suitable People

Suitable Person

People (and Pets) Living in my House

Allegations of Abuse

Health and Hygiene

Health and Safety


Administering Medicines

Managing Children who are Sick or Infectious

Managing Children with a Medical Condition (including Asthma)

Accident Injury and First Aid Treatment

Nappy and Toilet Training

Healthy Eating – Food and Drink Policy

        Sun Protection

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Managing Behaviour

Supporting Children who are experiencing Loss of Change in their Lives

Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment

Maintaining Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment

Outings, Visits and Transport

Sleeping Baby or Toddler

Healthy Food

Food Supplied by Parents

Risk Assessment

Reporting Health and Safety (RIDDOR)

Outside Play

Fire and Emergency Evacuation

Animals and Pets

Smoking Alcohol and Drugs

Laminate Flooring

Television and DVD

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities and Valuing Diversity


Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

All Policies and Procedures are documented in the Welcome Pack and given to Prospective parents/carers on request. 


 + Full Public Liability Insurance
 + Food Startards Certification
 + Membership of PACEY