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In Safe Hands Childcare
Rural Childminder near Frome
A Day In Safe hands
montage of daytime activities including cooking, sorting, sensory basket and christmas discovery


When you first arrive, you and your child are given time to settle. However, if you do have to rush off, as often happens, I will text you if your child has been upset by your departure to let you know when they're happy and settled.  If you've got an early start I'm happy to provide breakfast. Each child has their own box where they can keep their personal belongings.

The Day
I create a special place where children can ‘Learn to Play and Play to Learn’.
In my experience, the children I have cared for, have always enjoyed and loved to play, whether dressing up, making dens, playing ‘hide and seek’, creating scenarios or making messy concoctions! I believe that it is through this type of play that every child can and does learn. When a child is absorbed in their play I help to facilitate their interest; by offering resources and suggestions to expand their learning.

I provide children with a wide and varied range of activities and experiences throughout their day based around their own interests. Maybe cooking, cutting and sticking, dressing up role play etc. We also go on outings to support their interests and development. Whilst in our home the children are free to choose activities that appeal to them. Below are some of the activities on offer:
  • Treasure baskets and Heuristic play
  • Sensory play
  • Painting, craft & play dough
  • Role play & Small world resources
  • Construction, Lego, Duplo, wooden bricks, puzzles, real wood off cuts
  • Large wooden train set, dolls house, Farm set
  • Books, puppets, musical instruments
  • Sand, water & varies textures / messy play
  • Outdoor play, including sandpit, mud kitchen,  ride on toys, playhouse, slide etc.
  • Trips to local activity groups e.g. Gym, Sing-a-ling, Toddler groups, walks in the woods
  • Children’s vegetable garden 
  • Cooking with me
As we are all aware of the importance of physical development, each day the children will play outside or go for walks, whatever the weather.  ‘there is no such thing as the wrong weather conditions only the wrong clothing’. It is important for children’s health and there is so much that can be learned about the changing seasons! Sometimes we might go to feed the ducks or play in the park. As such, our days are about having fun.
That said. I am strict about some things.

Respect for the environment, themselves and each other are important lessons I teach children in my care. I support the children's independence by encouraging;
  • Personal hygiene - helping them to learn to wash their hands, use the toilet etc.
  • Dressing themselves - putting on their own coat and shoes when we go out etc.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices - I supply healthy food and snacks, help children to prepare their food and ensure they drink plenty of water.
  • Personal Safety - including what to do if there was a fire, road safety etc. All children wear fluorescent jackets when out and about for safety. 
Meals are flexible - you can either provide your own food to be eaten throughout the day or I am happy to provide healthy, nutritious meals for a small cost. Snacks are provided free of charge.
I will support whichever weaning method you are following and can accommodate special diets.

When you arrive to pick up your child, I will briefly talk through how your child has been that day and hand over their 'Home-Link' book where I will record their interests that day and include what they've eaten, how they've napped and nappies/toileting - all of which I know are important to you as parents.  You're child will also proudly present any creative creations of the day or show you what they have been doing. 

Each child will have an on line 'Learning Journey'  which I will keep updated with your childs progress, this will be ongoing and supported by photographs and evidence of your child's learning and development. This  belongs to your child and you are welcome to view it and add to it whenever you wish.